Internship Program

Program Overview

Siloam’s Internship Program exists to assist high school graduates and older to prepare for serving not only locally, but also all over the world. This program has been put together to serve Siloam Missionary Homes as well as to teach hands on training in small-scale farming and agriculture. This amazing opportunity is not only for personal and professional development, but also an opportunity to search out opportunities to go into a similar field of ministry; whether it is missions or other ministry.

We have four different types of Internships.  Each program is different and allows more flexibility for individuals who are deciding what their next steps might be.  These programs are:

  1. Summer Internship Program, 8-9 weeks long (Begins the 3rd week in June-end of the 2nd full week in August).
  2. Roll-over Program
    a.  Summer-Fall (3rd week in June-3rd week in Dec.)
    b.  Spring-Summer (1st week in January-2nd full week in Aug.)
  3. Short-Term (Semester Style:  Fall, Spring)
  4. Full Year

Interns are involved in an intense learning experience through active work assignments where learning might occur through hands-on activities as well as personal research, seminars, and other field events. Interns will be responsible for farm demonstrations and learn basic skills in various areas such as animal husbandry, lasagna gardening, involvement with volunteers and work teams, tours and lunches, ground maintenance and office work.

As a support to Siloam, the intern is involved in the day-to-day operations. This allows interns the opportunity to be exposed to several different sides of ministry. Interns have the availability to take advantage of all of the resources available on Siloam’s campus. Resources include the Library, Family Center, Recreation and Exercise Rooms, Missionaries, Dad’s Country Store and the Treasure Chest.

Our internship, although rigorous and demanding, is an opportunity to give in service. This might be a variety of fulfilling tasks that range from easy to hard. These tasks could include pulling weeds, taking out the garbage and multiple other jobs. Regardless of the task, this amazing opportunity can teach the intern life skills that can help them regardless of where they serve.

Additional Information

An internship at Siloam Missionary Homes is an unpaid, full-time opportunity with a demanding schedule. Because we have a working farm, garden, clothing and food stores, grounds and home maintenance, interns and staff are asked to occasionally put in extra hours due to work teams, projects or special circumstances. Although this is an internship, we expect interns to be committed to seeing work completed in a timely manner.

As an intern, you are required to raise support in order to cover a monthly maintenance fee of $300 that covers housing, utilities, maintenance, internet and TV, and training materials.  (The maintenance fee does NOT cover any personal items such as food, gas, etc).

It is our desire that you develop holistically. You will be expected to do physical labor, study and learn, and grow spiritually as an individual. You will be challenged to grow deeper in relationship with the Lord. This may be in the form of Bible studies, personal devotional time, journaling, weekly staff meetings, church, etc. Our goal is to equip and train you to serve local, but to reach global.

Siloam Missionary Homes offers interns an opportunity to serve while gaining experience:

  1. Siloam maintains Camp Glory Farm. One purpose of our farm is for helping missionary children transition to living in the United States.  Other purposes are for teaching experiences, special events, financial stability and income and food.
  2. Siloam has yurts and a bathhouse that is set up for retreats, work teams, volunteers, camp, etc. This allows a cultural experience in a local setting.
  3. Siloam gives educational tours. Our tours are for all ages. Often we offer lunch as a part of the tour. This allows groups to see for themselves what we offer here at Siloam and gives them an opportunity to get involved.
  4. Siloam is a non-profit ministry. Staff and interns work together to be the support team that is needed to carry out the mission that the Lord has placed on us. Siloam is supported by individuals, churches, tour groups, lunches and retreat groups.
  5. Siloam provides a Christian community experience. Because interns are located on the campus, they have the opportunity to build relationships with missionary families from all over the world. We have missionary fellowships monthly as well as staff lunches twice each week. The responsibilities for these lunches may be rotated among interns and work time is allowed for these responsibilities. It is a great time to learn how to cook for a group, learn how to use items available on campus for cooking, as well as grow in experience.
  6. Siloam has a community garden. Our lasagna garden is primarily for those who live on the campus. Any extra produce is then sold to help provide for the ministry. (Currently unavailable)

Siloam’s intern program maintains structure to facilitate the various activities that are listed above as well as providing flexibility in each area. It will also help interns learn good time management, supervision, and experience. A week might include (but not be limited to):

  • Daily farm and animal chores
  • Group and personal Bible Study
  • Gardening
  • Grounds maintenance (mowing, weeding, etc)
  • Cleaning Wreck Center, Exercise Room, Barber Shop, Dad’s Store & Chapel
  • Sorting donations and working in the Treasure Chest
  • Working in the office
  • Helping with special events

All activities and responsibilities are shared equally.

Siloam interns must be born again believers (have accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior). Interns are also expected to actively attend a local body of believers and have personal time with the Lord.

Interns must raise 100% of their financial support to cover the monthly maintenance fee as well as personal needs (such as food, gas, insurance, phone, etc).

Siloam provides housing for interns. Houses are furnished and are equipped with internet and Direct TV.  Interns live in dorm-like arrangements with shared common area and kitchen.  Female interns share a house and male interns share a house.

Interns who live in Siloam housing are expected to keep their living areas clean. Staff at Siloam may periodically check homes and will take care of maintenance needs.

Interns may not possess alcohol, non-prescription drugs, or tobacco in any form.

Overnight guests must be approved by a staff member prior to guest’s arrival.

Interns are expected to carry their own health and auto insurance. Proof of insurance is required.

Interns are expected to have their own form of transportation. All transportation must be current on registration, inspections and insurance.

Interns are responsible for their own food, gas, phone, computer and personal items. Items in the Treasure Chest (clothing) are available at no charge, as well as the food in Dad’s Country Store (canned and dry goods to be used as a supplement, but not to provide all food).

Interns must be willing and able to work alongside of others as well as on their own. Training will be provided.

Interns must have appropriate attire for working, such as work boots, winter wear, etc.

All Interns must pass a criminal background check as well as be willing to take a drug test.

Siloam recognizes these Holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day.  These will be covered on a rotating basis.

All absences, except for illness, must be approved by the Director in advance.  Interns are responsible to inform all supervisors and make sure all their responsibilities are covered before turning in a time-off request.

If you are interested in applying for an internship at Camp Glory Farm please make sure you read and understand the Responsibilities and Requirements for an intern. If you are in agreement please complete the online application OR download and complete a printed application and send via email or mail to Rachel George, Director.

Via email:

Via mail:
1053 Quackenbush Road
Snow Camp, NC 27349