Camp Glory Farm is a ministry of Siloam Missionary Homes.  Our motto is:  “Serve Local. Reach Global.”   We raise Dorper Sheep, Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy Goats, and Alpacas.  Lambs and kids are available to purchase throughout the year.  We also sell our own lamb meat from our flock to keep this non-profit ministry going .  It is our desire to use Camp Glory Farm for two different purposes.  We have two locations.  Our location at Siloam Homes is primarily for residents living on campus to learn, heal, and grow together as families.  The location at Watson’s Place is for community education, interaction, and application.  This location offers educational opportunities to learn in a “hands-on” approach as well as challenging each one to serve not only within their own community (Serve Local) but also to serve others globally (Reach Global).