What’s Our Story?

Our goats are both entertaining and useful

Here at Camp Glory Farm we have dwarf dairy and meat goats. The Nigerian Dwarf is a miniature dairy goat and the Pygmy is a miniature meat goat. Originally, the Nigerian Dwarfs were brought here from West Africa. They are playful and calmer than other types of goats, produce milk higher in butterfat than most goat’s milk (8-10%) which make it sweeter for cheese and other items, and usually grow to around 75 pounds. An advantage to having this size goat is that it is much easier to manage them. 

Pygmy goats are small and entertaining. They seem to be great companion animals and are always ready to put on a show. 

As with our sheep, we continue to focus is to raise natural, grass-fed Nigerian Dwarf Goats. The goats at Camp Glory Farm are on grass two-thirds of the year and are given hay in the winter months. For our pregnant Does, we give them a bit of feed the last month of pregnancy until the kids are three months old. In order to produce quality animals, we use the rotational grazing coupled with FAMACHA. This has really produced strong, healthy kids and Does that have very little parasites. We will use a wormer on an “as-needed” basis; however, after a vet checked fecal exam, we have had many who had not needed any type of wormer. We do not use any supplemental or growth hormones; we allow them to gain naturally. Yearly, our goats are given CD/T to help in protecting against fatal diseases. We work along-side our local veterinarian’s office to continue to raise healthy animals.