Our Sheep

Our Sheep

At Camp Glory Farm we pride ourselves in quality not quantity.  Our focus is to raise natural, grass-fed sheep as close as possible to the way that God created them.  The sheep at Camp Glory Farm are on grass two-thirds of the year and are given hay in the winter months.  For our pregnant Ewes, we give them a bit of feed the last month of pregnancy until the lambs are three months old.  In order to produce quality lambs, we use the rotational grazing coupled with FAMACHA.  This has really produced strong, healthy lambs and Ewes that have very little parasites.  We will use a wormer on an “as-needed” basis; however, after a vet checked fecal exam, we have had many who had not needed any type of wormer.  We do not use any supplemental or growth hormones; we allow them to gain naturally.  Every year, our sheep are given Covexin-8 to help in protecting against fatal diseases.  We work along-side our local veterinarian’s office to continue to raise healthy animals.

When Camp Glory Farm began in 2012, we had only two Ewes and one Ram.  Over the past five years, we have continued to grow our flock.  Through dedication and hard work, we now have an incredible flock of beautiful Dorper sheep.

We breed our sheep once a year in early fall.  This has allowed for the Ewes to produce multiple births.  Not only have they produced multiple lambs, but the lambs are very healthy and strong.

More about our Ram

As we grow our flock of sheep, we purchase a new Dorper ram yearly.  Once our flock reaches the size we desire, we will purchase a Ram that we plan to use for breeding many more years to come.  Our lambs averaged around 8-12 pounds each, and majority of our Ewes produced twins or triplets.

More about our Ewes

When we first began Camp Glory Farm in 2012, our first two Ewes were part Dorper and part Dorset.  As the years progressed, we began to focus on the Dorper breed.  Dorper’s are a hearty, meat producing hair sheep.  We found them to be very resistant to parasites and other health problems.  Each of our Ewes is unique in personality and traits.  Some are shy while others want attention.  All of these Ewes have delivered lambs successfully and have been excellent mothers.

More about our Lambs

The lambs at Camp Glory Farm are always cared for and gain lots of attention from families.  As they grow, they follow along side of their mother and learn how to graze the green grass as well.  We keep our lambs with the mother until weaning, around three months old, and our male Ram lambs join our other Ram in the field to continue to grow.  Most lambs born weigh on average between 8-12 pounds.