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Our Eggs are gathered daily from our farm.
Our chickens and ducks enjoy their day roaming the farm and are not given any hormones or additives.


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Duck Eggs


We raise Indian Runner Ducks as well as Pekin Ducks.
These funny animals can be found swimming on the pond or waddling through the pastures.
No added hormones or additives are used.
Duck eggs are wonderful to use in baking and other various recipes.

$5/half dozen

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Lamb Meat



 We are known for our delicious ground lamb that come from the Dorper Sheep for meat and sale.
Our lambs are raised primarily on pasture and processed at Piedmont Custom Meats.  We take great pride in the care of our animals and focus on quality.
Options can vary from the purchase of a whole lamb to select cuts depending on availability.  Go to the link below to order!


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