Our Purpose

Camp Glory Farm @ Siloam Missionary Homes

We now have two locations. The first location is found on the main property of Siloam Missionary Homes. The primary purpose of this location is to allow *TCKs/**MKs a safe place in which they can adjust from overseas living into the American culture through the interaction of our animals. Due to the fast-changing pace in our country today, there can be various hardships that these families face when they return to the USA. The animals are therapeutic for these families and help aid in the adjustment process. Families have the opportunity to learn how to care for these animals, build or maintain the community garden, or just enjoy God’s creation. After an introductory class, we offer the opportunity to our families to have their own time together at the farm and interact with the animals. This allows the family to spend time together at their own convenience.

*TCKs-Third Culture Kids

**MKs-Missionary Kids

Camp Glory Farm @ Watson’s Place

Camp Glory Farm @ Watson’s Place is a beautiful 10 acre farm dedicated to education, interaction, and application. Our Motto, “Serve Local. Reach Global.” is about taking what has been learned locally and using it to serve others globally. Our goal at Watson’s Place is to provide opportunities for students and adults alike to come and learn about caring for Dorper Sheep, Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy Goats, and Alpacas. As this farm develops, we plan to increase areas of learning and training to topics such as: “Using Aquaponics and Hydroponics for raising fruits and vegetables, pasture management, lambing and kidding, and much more.”

Our Staff


Rachel George

Rachel is the daughter of Larry and Joyce George, founders of Siloam Missionary Homes. Since her early teens, Rachel has been actively involved in developing the ministry to the 43-acre campus that it is today. She has been on staff since 2012 and is Vice President of Siloam Missionary Homes in addition to being the Director of Camp Glory Farm. Rachel is a graduate of Appalachian Bible College, where she has a B.A. in Theology with a double minor in Youth Ministries and Family Counseling. She was ordained in 2017 and completed her Master’s Diploma in Biblical Counseling of Trauma and Crisis Care through Light University in 2018.


Kendric Tyre

Kendric began as a summer intern in 2017. As the summer ended, she felt the Lord leading her to remain a while longer. After serving as in intern for 2 1/2 years, Kendric felt this was the place the Lord had for her to serve Him. Her dedication and hard work showed her passion to be a part of Camp Glory Farm and so she was brought on staff in January 2020. Her experiences here at Siloam have allowed her the opportunity for personal as well as spiritual growth. One area in which she has grown is in her desire to help the families by making the farm more accessible.