Animals for Sale

Animals for Sale


$300 each

Our Sheep and Lambs are primarily raised on grass but are supplemented with hay that is baled from our own fields.  We prefer to bale our own hay so that we can control what is used on these fields.  Our fields have animals grazing on them throughout the year and then are given a time to rest in order to grow so that we are able to bale in the Spring.

Our proven Ewes are Dorper Sheep.  Our sheep are bred only one time a year in late summer to fall.  This allows for strong and healthy Ewes that produce multiple, healthy lambs in the Spring.  Lambs are allowed to remain on their Mother until 3 months of age in which the male ram lambs are then separated and put into a different grazing location in order to protect the Ewes from accidental breeding.

Our Ewes this past year, 2018, were bred with a Dorset Ram in order to produce size and strong quality in lambs for future Ewes.  Typically we breed with a Dorper Ram.

We use the standard booster, Covexin-8, for their first and second vaccines as well as a de-wormer; however, once they have received their shots and wormer, they are then treated on a “as needed” basis in order to better control parasites and parasite resistance.  Hoof care and checks are done throughout the months.

Lambs may be purchased for $300.


Our kids are born in the late winter-spring months.  The mothers are Nigerian Dwarf Goats while the father is a Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy mix.  Bucklings (male goat kids) are separated out from their mothers after 3 months old.  Our goats are given routine check-ups, hoof care, UTD on CD&T and wormed.

Males may be purchased for $100-$150.
Females may be purchased for $150-$250.


Chicks and Ducklings


From time to time our chickens and ducks will hatch out some young.  We sell ours for $5 each.  If you are interested, please call us to see if there are any available.