Why alpacas?

Raising alpacas for fiber, guardians, and fun.

At Camp Glory Farm we raise natural, grass-fed Huacaya (pronounced “wha-kie-a) alpacas. They are on grass the majority of the year and are given hay in the winter months. In order to protect our other animals, we decided to get some guardians for the pasture. Two males, Preacher is our stud and Flash is gelded, and four females: Colors, Miele, Noisette, and Nicolette.

We also use rotational grazing coupled with FAMACHA to help with parasites. We will use a wormer on an “as-needed” basis; however, after a vet checked fecal exam, we have had many who had not needed any type of wormer. We do not use any supplemental or growth hormones; we allow them to gain naturally. We work along-side our local veterinarian’s office to continue to raise healthy animals.

Their Fiber is wonderful to use for felting, making yarn, making roving, and other fun craft and sewing ideas. Alpaca Fiber is considered hypoallergenic due to the fact that they do not produce lanolin.  We also use our fiber to make dryer balls that we offer for sale.