Get Involved

There are many ways that you can be involved with Camp Glory Farm. As this ministry grows, so do the different needs. Ways in which you can help are:


So often we forget the power of prayer. The greatest thing we can offer someone is to go before our Heavenly Father and share our heart for others. Pray for our families, safety, housing, farm and animals, provision, and growth.


There are times when extra hands go a long way. Come by yourself or bring your family, friends, or groups and give us a hand with a variety of projects.

These projects might include: baling hay, planting flowers, cleaning out the barn, working with animals, helping with landscape, mowing, weed-eating, building, and more!


Our ministry is supported by individuals and churches and gifts may be designated for staff support or for the purchase of equipment and supplies for the farm.  

We are in the process of trying to upcycle our run-down barn at Watson’s in order to get it ready for the winter.  We are in need of the finances in order to purchase items to finish this project as well as to have another barn added.

Farm Equipment

There are items that are beneficial to helping the farm run more smoothly. Having these items would allow our staff to be more efficient with time, labor, and health. We also need materials to house our animals and pastures.

Foot baths: for sheep
*Compact 4wd Tractor: gently used $20,000-$26,000
*Gator or XUV: new or gently used $10,000-$12,000
Items to fence perimeter: $7,000
40′ x 80′ Steel building with 8′ Cantilevered Lean-to
*does not include sides enclosed: $48,500
Concrete for steel building: $7,000
Installation for building: estimated $20,000
       Estimated total for building: $75,500
Estimated were made June 2022 for materials. Cost may have increased or decreased since estimates made.

Watson’s Place

Camp Glory Farm @ Watson’s place is being upcycled and renewed to be used as a place for education and community outreach. As falling buildings are coming down, we are working hard to try and salvage any usable materials. We need willing and able individuals who would be willing to bring a group to work as well as help financially fund another part of this project.

Help us fix the structure of the old dairy so that we may be able to have that part ready for winter 2022.  We have been able to clean up part of the feed room as well as the roof.   

We still need to re-do the longer animal area to prepare for lambing stalls.  Old concrete needs removed, area graded and set, stalls built, windows fixed, electric done.  There are many ways to get involved!