Our Animals

Our Sheep

At Camp Glory Farm we pride ourselves in quality not quantity.  Our focus is to raise natural, grass-fed sheep as close as possible to the way that God created them.  The sheep at Camp Glory Farm are on grass two-thirds of the year and are given hay that we harvest from our own fields in the winter months.  Our sheep are primarily Dorper sheep which are a hair breed.  This means that they will naturally shed out a good amount of their coat in the warmer months without needing much shearing.  Dorper sheep are excellent mothers and produce strong, healthy lambs.

Our Goats

Here at Camp Glory Farm we have dwarf goats, the Nigerian Dwarf and the Pygmy Goat. The Nigerian Dwarf is a miniature dairy goat and was originally brought to the United States from West Africa. They are playful and calmer than other types of goats, produce milk higher in butterfat than most goat’s milk (8-10%) which make it sweeter for cheese and other items.  The Pygmy goat is a miniature meat goat.  Both can be found at our farm and are sure to entertain.

Our Alpacas

At Camp Glory Farm we raise natural, grass-fed alpacas. They are on grass two-thirds of the year and are given hay in the winter months. In order to protect our other animals, we decided to get some guardians for the pasture.  We have two males and two females.  Preacher is a solid black Huacaya male and Flash is a gelded brown and white Suri/Huacaya mixed male.  The two females we have are named Lil’ Bit, who is white with blonde bangs, and Colors who has a mix of white, brown, and black.

Our Birds

If you came to Camp Glory Farm, you would probably notice some fun, noisy birds running around. They are called Guineas. Some are white and some are a grey/blue speckled color.  They are great for helping keep pests such as poisonous spiders, ticks, and other bugs away.  We also have a mixture of egg laying chickens who help provide for the families staying at Siloam.  Our ducks are also egg layers and are Indian Runners; although, we do have a few mixes of the Indian Runner and Pekin.